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Happy birthday to the most amazing girl I was lucky enough to meet! Thanks for listening to my boring life stories and me yelling at the tv during a game and not telling me to calm down and for loving baseball as much as I do! Thanks for keeping my life interesting and for being the angel that you are! Stay beautiful and I can’t wait to see you on tv in the future! 💞

This one goes out to all the haters, the doubters, the ones that thought they could bring her down with their ignorant mouths. This one goes out to the ones who thought she would end up pregnant or in jail. This one goes out to all those who wished her harm. She proved everyone of you wrong! My little sister is 18 and a graduate bitches. Watch out world, Reyanna is coming to make you hers

If you all haven’t noticed by now, my baby sister is my most precious jewel. She has a beautiful soul and a kind heart. She’s smart and athletic. She has the most prettiest smile and the cutest laugh. This is only the beginning to the person she is yet to be, I love you chilly and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. Here’s to many more promotions and graduations 💞

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